What is a Financial Coach?
A financial coach helps their clients with the basics of money management.  They work with clients to educate them to think differently about money.  They help their clients work through problems that are holding them back from establishing healthy spending habits. 
The client will be introduced to proven strategies that have worked for countless thousands before them. The coach will help establish financial goals.  A financial coach can help improve your financial literacy.  Coaches often assist their clients with behavioral and emotional components of managing money.

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What does a financial coach do?

If you work with a financial coach, they may have you outline your financial goals and track your expenses for a few weeks to identify spending habits. A financial coach can then help you:

  • Understand your spending habits

  • Create a budget

  • Outline a financial plan

  • Understand the emotional components of dealing with money.

  • Learn how to establish an emergency fund

  • Manage debt that leads to establishing healthy habits


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If you’re looking for investment  opportunities, i have a referral network and would be pleased to refer to a trusted investing-PRO for you.  They will assess your current situation  and help you to plan for the long-term options. They are very well versed in investing and bring a wealth of experience.


After you've met with an Investor-Pro, we will then  continue financial coaching to round out your personal financial portfolio.  There will be much more to work on.

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