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Financial Life Coaching


Richard Hawley

Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach

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Are you tired of living from paycheck-to-paycheck?

Can you imagine living life on your terms instead of you boss's terms?

Are you ready to experience the peace that your heart longs for?

Your Search is Over!

I can guide you to

the quickest path

to debt-free living

and much more.

Discovery Coaching Session

This is your initial step toward deb-free living.  This step is crucial.  It allows you to get a feel for financial coaching.

Smart Start

This program is designed to get you kick-started fast.  Sixty days is long enough to get started but short enough to establish long range planning for your finances.

Coaching Services

At this juncture, you will have had enough time to consider your next steps.  There are a number of options that will suit you best.  This is where coaching is most needed.

Online Courses Digital Products
$7 Membership


Your long term success will be in direct proportion of your long term accountability.  This mini membership is not only affordable but vital.

What is Financial Coaching?

A financial coach helps you create goals and actually stick with them so you’re not just dreaming about financial peace—you’re living it. 

So, what is a Financial Coach among other financial professions.  Sorting the laundry in the proper piles will help you understand the roles they play. 


Financial Advisor

These people guide you to purchase insurance and  investments.  They make money when you make money based on their advise. 

CPA's - Certified Public Accountants 

These professionals help manage your taxes.  They guide you through the maze of determining what tax bracket your in and give advice accordingly. They usually make money based on their hourly fees.  

Financial Coaches

These professionals help you where you are financially.  Financial Coaches act as guides to help you identify a myriad of situations in your life.  I like the term "Financial-Life Coach" because your finances are intricately woven to the fabric of your life.  It's not just about numbers only.  It's numbers driven by your upbringing, education, habits and so much more.  That's why financial coaching is also life coaching.  You just can't separate the two.

"4 Critical Steps to Take Control of Your Money"
By Richard Hawley
©January 2023
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About me
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Richard Hawley

Ramsey Preferred Coach

What is Coaching
Richard made me feel at ease.  
He was very empathic toward me and the pain that I was in because of the decisions I made concerning my finances.

Ken aged 45

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