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FREE Discovery
Coaching Session

Using a Touch Phone

What to expect

This session usually lasts about 30 and minutes. 

This time frame is long enough for you to decide whether financial coaching is for you.  It also helps you to know whether I would be a good fit for you.  On the flip side, I will also be kicking the tires of your vehicle.  This time will also help me decide whether I think that you would be a good fit for my services rendered.

This session will be used, in part as an intake session.

You will be asked to fill out a 1 page document entitled, "Financial Snapshot."  Ideally this will be issued prior to the beginning of this discovery session.  It will give you instant feedback as to where you are with your finances.  It will also allow me to see where you are financially.  It will serve as one of the first building blocks of your new solid foundation of you relationship with money.  It will be the first of several documents to help bring you onboard as a  prospective client.

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