My Story


Richard Hawley
Ramsey Preferred  Coach

Growing up, my parents never taught me about money.  I knew my mom was the saver and my dad was the spender.  Can you guess who I took after?  


As a teenager, I always had a job and money to burn.  When I got married, it was Parents 201.  I was the spender and my wife was the saver. 


Fast forward 25 years or so.  I continued to spend beyond our means.  My wife tried to pinch pennies but couldn’t offset the debt that continued to grow even though my salary had increased.


It took some financial gut punches to bring us to the point of seeking help.  My wife had learned of Dave Ramsey through our adult kids (how’s that for a twist?) who were working the baby steps.


She applied the principles to our situation and we soon turned the corner away from debt and on the road to financial freedom.  I immediately saw the value of a plan that could take us from good to great.  It’s become my desire to help others experience financial wellness and win with money. 

After being debt free for some time, I decided to enroll in Dave Ramsey's "Financial Coach Master Training".  Soon after that I signed up for the "Ramsey Preferred Coach" certification.  I am enjoying helping others experience freedom from being bound by debt.