All Programs are Customizable
We listen and learn what your needs are and then design a program specifically for you.

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60-Day Smart Start  

This includes 3 Coaching Sessions with assignments to be completed.  The first tool to use will be the Financial Snapshot.  The client will be taught how to set up a budget and track all expenses. The client's number one priority will be to set aside a $1,000.00 emergency fund while creating a solid budget.  

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90-Day Program 

This program includes 4 coaching sessions with assignments to complete before the next session.  The client will be taught how to set up a budget and track all expenses.  It will be a priority to determine what has been the factors that has caused the debt load.  The client will create an aggressive plan to tackle all debt using the debt snowball.  The client will begin to get a handle on things relating debt and income and creating a plan for both.  And much more...

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Customizable Packages
* 1-Time 60-Minute Coaching $195
* 15-Minute Accountability  $45
* 30-Minute Accountability  $90
* Unlimited text & emails
SPECIAL NOTE:  Every individual and every family have different needs.  High Point Coaching will assess each family's needs and will customize a unique plan to meet each need.